mai 8, 2021

Day 1

The travel to Kilimanjaro

The flight to Tanzania went very well and we were absolutely thrilled – in all the places timing was perfect and no waiting.

Landing in Kilimanjaro was quite an experience, the runaway was short. When the wheels of the plane touched the ground, the breaking that followed was out of this word. The raggare in Askøy would have been impressed, I think.

Boarder and visa: like regular people, we followed the stream and found our place in the queue. Suddenly I noticed a lady standing with a piece of paper in her hand with my name (misspelled) on it. We approached her and she pulled us to the side. She gathered our passports and 50 bucks and disappeared. I was certain that the rest of the trip will be spent in some little dark clay-hut and waiting someone to send us back to Norway. Luckily the lady came back after a while. She dragged one of us 4 waiting away and placed him in the new queue. More waiting. The helpful lady dragged the three of us waiting in the first queue for passing the border control – our passports were  with some guy god knows where. Just in time the guy with our passports finally came and we got stamp in the passport that allowed us to hang around in Tanzania for three months. I really hope we get back sooner than that.

Baggage belts: they existed, but I really don’t think they have ever been used or are operational. All the luggage was spread around on the floor. So we went on treasure hunt. We found quite easily three of our luggage, but the fourth one was nowhere to be found. As we came to the counter of lost luggage, the lovely lady was ecstatic too see us. She had piece of paper with our name on it. The KLM had lost one of the suitcases on the way and she assured us that it is on its way to Tanzania on the next day. We were happy.

Buss ride to hotel: 30 kilometers, one hour, dark and no lights, driving on the wrong side of the road – mildly said – the ride was a lot of fun.

But: they have internet, they have food, air-condition and beer, so overall the first day was a success.

I’m in Africa!!!

Warm greetings,


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